Tesla Not Just Best Electric Car in Tests, Reviewers Say Best Car, Period.

For all the protestations that electric vehicles have not matured enough for the mainstream, the Tesla Model S gives luxury car  buyers a green option with no compromises. The Tesla gives hope to the average car owner in future, where current options are hampered by limited range. The Tesla Model S delivers range similar to a full tank of a gas in a gas-powered car. Since successful luxury cars often roadmap technologies that make their way into the broader markets, we can hope for a high-range EV for the mainstream market. Lexus pioneered many technologies now found on Toyotas, and Toyota’s partnership with Tesla is a promising signal.

Electric cars are everywhere and for good reason. Depleting natural resources have necessitated the use of alternative fuels and while cultivating bio-ethanol sources, opting for natural gas or even hydrogen power seem like the natural route, they aren’t as feasible or cost-effective as many may imagine. That’s the reason electric vehicles arrived, and survived. Of course, their survival was solely due to their evolution and it is because of persistent creators like Tesla that we have electric cars like the Model S.

Electric Car, model s Testla

Superb aerodynamics, a super car look, and a sleek design has reviewers raving for the Tesla Model S, the ultimate electric car.

Tesla and the Model S
The Tesla Model S is a unique car whichever way you look at it. It offers breathtakingly beautiful exteriors and thoughtfully-designed interiors coupled to future-ready construction techniques which make it quite a desirable automobile for an electric vehicle. So, what makes this Tesla tick?
At the heart of the Model S, Tesla’s most popular and awarded car, is a smart powertrain: an all-electric, liquid-cooled driveline powered by a 60 kWh, micro-processor controlled, Lithium-ion battery which is input compatible with several power connectors. What it does is power an AC-induction electric motor which uses a drive inverter with regenerative braking and a single-speed, fixed-gear transmission which drives the rear wheels. What that means is simply, a no-nonsense full-electric luxury car with quick response and a fun driving experience all packed into one beautiful package.
Performance and electric cars are terms which rarely find each other in the same sentence. However, the Tesla Model S is one electric vehicle which can give many conventional-engined sportscars a serious run for their money. The battery pack and other components of the driveline are arranged so that a 48:52 weight distribution is achieved. The Model S sprints from 0-60 mph in just 5.4 seconds and then onto a top speed of 125 mph. Then you have to consider that it weighs over 4,600 lbs and has zero tailpipe emissions. Astounding? That’s a word you can use to start describing it.
And that’s not the end of it. There’s also an 85 kWh battery-powered model, which makes the equivalent of 416 hp and manages 0-60 mph in 4.2 seconds and a top whack of 130 mph! Although these numbers are significant, don’t think for one moment that the equipment list is shorter than your expenses list. You get top notch comfort, entertainment and safety features with 19-inch alloy wheels for starters; 12-way adjustable, heated front seats; a 200-watt, 7-speaker audio system; 17-inch touchscreen panel; stability control, traction control, anti-lock brakes, speed-sensitive steering, eight airbags, rollover protection; it’s even wi-fi ready.
Tesla also give a 4-year/50,000-mile new car warranty, while the 60 kWh battery has an 8-year/125,000-mile warranty.

Touch screen interior of Tesla Model S

The largest touchscreen in an automobile marks the Star Trek -like interior of Tesla’s flagship Model S.

What’s the deal?
Being an electric car maker, Tesla took the innovative step to sell their cars directly to consumers through factory shops and even online. This didn’t go down well with certain authorities, though a way around is being looked at. However, Tesla surely don’t look like they’re done.
Another report stated that should the battery pack Tesla offer with each car ever get fully discharged, there was no solution but to spend $40,000 and get the entire battery pack replaced. Of course, the warranty offered by Tesla on the battery pack should give you your piece of mind.

What to expect?
The Model S is Tesla’s first properly successful car. The company even turned a profit recently. Furthermore, their stylish new Model X crossover features three-row seating, falcon-wing doors and dual-motor all-wheel-drive; making it not just useful, but also just as beautiful as you would expect a modern-day Tesla to be.
Teslas, as you would expect, don’t come cheap. Prices for the Model S start from $62,400 for the 60 kWh model, while the 85 kWh version starts from $87,400; and that’s after the $7,500 Federal Tax credit.
Reviews and Accolades
The Tesla Model S is unlike any car most reviewers have laid their hands on. It goes to show that true performance doesn’t always have to come from set or expected boundaries. Motor Trend magazine named the Tesla Model S their 2013 Car of the Year. Automobile magazine voted it their 2013 Automobile of the Year. CNN went on to say that Consumer Report even stated that the Tesla Model S was “the best car they’ve ever tested.” That’s about as reassuring as it can get.

Tesla Model S sports slippery aerodynamics in an electric vehicle capable of 4.2 seconds.

Tesla Model S sports slippery aerodynamics in an electric vehicle capable of 4.2 seconds.




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