Green vs Green Comparisons

Tesla electric vehicle is the ultimate driver and environmentalists car

Best High Mileage Cars – Go Green In 2013

  Green Road Passion asked auto expert Jim Gorde for his four picks for best cars in our four categories—plus 25mpg, plus 30mpg, plus 40mpg and … [Read More...]

Plugging In

Tesla Model S sports slippery aerodynamics in an electric vehicle capable of 4.2 seconds.

Tesla Not Just Best Electric Car in Tests, Reviewers Say Best Car, Period.

For all the protestations that electric vehicles have not matured enough for the mainstream, the Tesla Model S gives luxury car  buyers a green option with no compromises. The Tesla gives hope to the average car owner in future, where current options are hampered by limited range. The Tesla Model S … [Read More...]

Automaker News

Platinum, a precious metal, is a key reason that fuel cell technology is too expensive. Canadian researchers are closing in on alternative that will lower the cost of entry on electric vehicles.

Canadians Researching Affordable Fuel Cell for Electric Cars

As reported in EDI Weekly, our sister publication, University of Waterloo researchers are seek platinum-free ruel cell for electric cars. A non-precious metal catalyst would go a long way towards solving the biggest issue with electric cars–high cost of batteries. With a lower price-point, experts … [Read More...]


Tesla a Stock Market Darling; GM and Toyota Going Strong

Telsa may be the stock market darling, with rave reviews, and near-perfect 99 out 100 scores on Consumer's Report, but the biggest movers on the stock market are General Motors Company (NYSE:GM) and Toyota Motor Corporation (NYSE:™) up 1.82% in the last trading session. Telsa Motors Inc, … [Read More...]

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Over 50 mpg Club

Green-road-passion-0Toyota-Prius-real-world-50-mpg-miles-per-gallon-4.4 litres-per-100km

Prius: 27.4 Cents Per Mile.

At the end of 60,000 miles, our cost of ownership for the test Toyota Prius is less than half that of conventional cars at 27.4 cents per mile. No services were required other than regular oil changes. The car averaged 53.45 mpg with “green driving” techniques suggested in tips from Green Road … [Read More...]

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Going Green with Two Wheelers

Green-road-passion-0Honda 800-CBR-250R

77 mpg on Two Wheels

Going Green Drive often seems to imply compromise. Slower acceleration to sip gas, more money for expensive batteries, leading edge electric cars such as Tesla that are affordable to some, but hefty in price. But what if a performance driver isn't willing to give up performance to gain the 50 … [Read More...]

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Over 30 mpg Club


Conventional Green: Elantra

Hyundai's Elantra GT brings home real world 30 mpg combined, yet delivers on styling, road handling, space and daily livability. This green automobile … [Read More...]

Over 25 mpg Club


A Greener Volkswagen Beetle

For the green auto enthusiast, we tend to think in terms of 40 and 50 mpg autos. For some of us, who can't afford the sometimes steeper price tags, we … [Read More...]